First calls of the day

October 2020 (Finistère, France)

Wheatear in glasswort

September 2020 (Finistère, France)

Dark curlew

August 2020 (Finistère, France)

I'm hungry !

July 2020 (Finistère, France)

Tender age of the marten

June 2020 (Finistère, France)

Quiet couple of European green woodpecker

May 2020 (Finistère, France)

A fox as surprised as I was

May 2020 (Finistère, France)

A curious badger

May 2020 (Finistère, France)

Sanderling sandpiper in a rainstorm

November 2019 (Finistère, France)

End-of-day contours

October 2019 (Finistère, France)

Risoux forest

August 2019 (Jura, France)

European Nightjar in its habitat

July 2019 (Finistère, France)

First steps

July 2019 (Finistère, France)

A mother devoted to her chicks

July 2019 (Finistère, France)

A deer at the end of a long hot day

June 2019 (Ain, France)

Come back of a lorn

June 2019 (Drôme, France)

Freezing morning

January 2017 (Essonne, France)

Automnal atmosphere

November 2016 (Essonne, France)

Warmth of an evening

October 2016 (Finistère, France)

Luxuriant paradize

July 2016 (Doubs, France)

Between hesitation and temptation

April 2016 (Essonne, France)